What is BRELLA?

BRELLA –  they are quality designer umbrellas created by top-ranking artists from all over the world. Unparalleled, unique and playful designs, perfect fashion accessories ingenious to the slightest detail. They embody the motto "Enjoy rainy days!"

How they got to the Czech Republic…

In 2010 DESIBRELLA s.r.o. became the exclusive importer of ISABRELLA umbrellas to the Czech Republic (ISABRELLA is their full name, standing for IS An umBRELLA) where they are marketed under the brand BRELLA. After long negotiations we managed to persuade the producer that we are the right ones to dignifiedly represent these design jewels.

We believe that BRELLA umbrellas will bring pleasure not only to us but mainly to you, our customers.

Jirka & Jirka, www.brella.cz